Bags Full of Letters

4 июня 2017

October 1, 1993 – The birthday of “Three Angels” television. 3ABN Russia's first television program goes on the air.


The staff of the newly-created network comprised only 5 people and the equipment they used was a computer and an amateur camcorder. 3ABN Russia's programming was only accepted by one of the Nizhny Novgorod-based television channels, SETI NN. The managers of the channel agreed to air some of the programs to guage the viewers' reactions. Any meaningful feedback would result in a long-term partnership with SETI NN, while failure to hear from viewers might have closed the door.

The first several programs made it clear that the new network's programs enjoyed mind-boggling popularity. The network was overwhelmed with letters - 700-800 each week. Previously none of the programs aired on local or national channels had ever caused such tremendous feedback from viewers. Several years later 3ABN Russia's programs were still being broadcast on SETI NN, but now up to 3 hours a week. By giving the go-ahead to Christ-centered programming, the channel gradually evolved into one of the largest local channels.