Ever Wondered How 3ABN's Ministry Is Financed?

4 июня 2017

2011 – The beginning of a new stage of the network's ministry.


Story 1: A good example of how 3ABN is financed can be seen through a story of what happened after the construction of 3ABN's first Illinois-based studio commenced. In need of a road to be built connecting the production studio and the highway, Danny and his friends only had $200 in our bank account while the project required at least $6,000.

Without hesitating, 3ABN's founders took the $200, rented a bulldozer and got to work. Several days later their faith was abundantly rewarded: they received an $800 donation. Later they got an additional $5,000 so the work did not slow down a single day.

Throughout 3ABN's history, there have been many similar experiences. Every time we needed money, we would receive new donations. Actually, this is still the way the network is financed today. Some of the freewill offerings we receive are used to fund the video production at the Russian studio.


Story 2: Receiving fixed financial support from the parent company, we faced a major challenge. While several new series needed additional funding, we were affected by the plunging value of the US dollar.

As the US currency continued to decline, we ended up with a huge budget deficit. However, there was more going on than met the eye – the next day we learned that someone had sent a freewill offering directly to 3ABN Russia; the amount was precisely what was needed to make up the budget deficit!


Story 3: As with any other new venture, the major problem with our recently-launched Russian-language Internet channel was that it was not widely known. We needed to somehow give publicity to a channel that could now be watched anywhere in the world with Internet access.

The opportunity to advertise our new channel presented itself in 2009 when we were invited to participate in a Russian-language Christian camp meeting held in Germany. As expensive as the trip was, we were able to visit the camp meeting for a number of reasons.

First, someone donated 300 euros, which was enough to cover most of the expenses to be incurred during the trip. Second, the day we made a decision to attend the camp meeting, we received postal booklets offering discount airline tickets to Germany. And what amazed us the most was that the offer was valid only as long as the camp meeting was to be conducted!