New Life Bible Study Courses

4 июня 2017

1995 – The first few New Life Bible study guides are mailed out to 3ABN viewers.


Working for 3ABN, you inevitably conclude it is God who hires people for His ministry.

One of 3ABN Russia's goals is to provide free step-by-step Bible study guides for those willing to investigate the Scriptures. Our New Life Bible study course aims to guide everyone through the Bible.

3ABN purchased the first copies of the New Life booklets in large numbers but soon ran out of them due to the huge demand. But instead of buying more booklets, we decided to update the previous ones. Aware that editing the texts was a serious and responsible challenge, we considered several people as possible editing candidates.

The most up-and-coming one was Svetlana Shylina, a painter and poetess. Working on the project, she carefully chose every word, made up poetry and prepared colorful illustrations for each topic. Due to her design and scrupulous work with the text, the lessons are full of special insight. Upon completion of the Bible project, Svetlana's family moved to another city.

Today, our New Life course continues to bring joy to the readers. Finding answers to their questions, they send us thank-you letters each day.