We create our programs so that they promote tolerance, harmony and respect between people. It is important for us that in modern society the moral and spiritual principles of life are valued.

Cognitive Christian
Satellite television channel "Three Angels"

The television company "Three Angels" was originally created as a tool for proclaiming God's message to the widest possible circle of people. Of course, first of all this is the Gospel, that is, the message of Jesus Christ, who came to our world 2,000 years ago and gave His life for the salvation of mankind.

However, we believe that God's message to modern people is not limited to the story of what Christ has done for us in the past. What's important is what He does for people now, and what He expects from us as a response to His mercy and love. The Lord believes in us and expects us to worship Him as a Creator and Savior, and also glorify Him in our daily lives - towards people close to us and around us, in a pure and purposeful life, in our healthy body ... The programs we create have a very diverse Theme, which we try to cover the breadth of God's message.

We try to reach diverse groups of people with diverse programs - young people, the elderly, children and parents; Those who seek to get rid of addictions, and those who wish to lead a healthy lifestyle; And, of course, all those who are interested in the Word of God - as in our programs we are based on the authority of Holy Scripture.

We see our task in spreading the created programs by all means available to us: