TV programs of the TV channel "Three Angels"

The programs of the TV channel "Three Angels" are aimed at reviving in a modern society a healthy lifestyle, traditional family and spiritual values, tolerance and respect between people. Video programs are based on traditional Christian values.

Family values

Everything about the relationship between spouses, parents and children. Councils of psychologists and educators.

Children's programs

Funny and instructive children's programs
with stories, games, songs, cartoons and prizes!

Health without medicines

Save health without hospitals and medicines. Simple methods of treatment. 8 principles of health. Useful cooking.

Spiritual basis

Humanity needs a spiritual core. Many generations of humanity have found solace in the Bible.

Face to face

Programs from the "first person". Interview with believers. How has their life changed after believing in God?

History and Culture

Talented scientists, musicians and poets ... Programs about the spiritual search of famous people of the past.


Disruption. Hospital. Hope ... Addiction, alcoholism, smoking - traps without an outlet. Is it so?

Youth projects

To life was not wasted, was active and interesting, you need to make
the right choice.

Nature and music

Bright. Light. Inspiring. All this is about music! Melodies for the heart and soul. Music for all ages.


They will tell about good deeds, hope, faith, Christianity. But, first of all, they are about people.

Vegetable growing

Video instructions on the effective technology of growing vegetables by the method of Dr. Mittlayder.


Social advertising causes a lot of emotions, makes you think about what is really important in life.